Tantra Massage / Tantric Rituals

"The first thing that tantra teaches: Love your body, become friends with it, be devotional to it, respect your body, look after it, it is a gift from God. Treat it well and it will reveal great mysteries to you. All growth depends on what kind of relationship you have with your body."


After having had extensive contact with the whole body, it is possible that during this massage the intimate region will be massaged. This massage takes place on a mattress on the ground. It lasts two and a half to three and a half hours. This includes a brief conversation; showering and post massage quiet time.


The roles of giving and receiving are clearly distributed. This allows the possibility of giving you undivided attention and you can completly give in to your own feelings. You are free from the aspects of a relationship and the feeling of having to give something in return. The Tantra massage is an invitation to dive into a timeless and intimate place that has no purpose or intent. It is your gift to yourself, to let yourself be pampered with all sensuous and loving desires.


The Tantra massage/ ritual can have different focal points depending upon your wishes and what arises throughout the massage. The focus can be on sexual healing by experiencing deep feelings of security and of reverence or you can experience sexual energy and desire, which flows through the whole body. Alternatively the contact can be of a playful, sensuous and affectionate nature. No sexual union will take place.


Whatever arises is welcome and with its presence will be transformed for the better.



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