Gottfried Sieber

"If we ourselves, if our consciousness would understand, then we would also understand the universe and the separateness would disappear."


What has influenced my massaging and me:


Born in 1968.

Since 2002 live and dance in Berlin.



"Institut für Lebenskunst und Tantra", Frank Fieß and Michaele Vimalmani Kuhn.

2003: Participant in "Man Training"

2003 - 2006: 3 year training "The way of Love"


"Garden of earthly Delights", Sophie Winkler

2009: Individual training with Sophie Winkler in the art of Tantra massage.


Feb. 2010 Contact Improvisation based on Tantra. with Sabine Sonnenschein

March 2010: Tantra - Ritual Massage, with Beatrice Popko


January 2011: Tantramassage, with Amano and Dajana Pommeranz


March 2011: Anal-/ Prostate-Massage - The deep touch, with Armin-C. Heining.


Basic and Advanced training in the art of massage

"Lomi academy Berlin", Uwe Schneider

May 2009: Training in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

September 2009: Training in the Temple Massage.


July 2009: Basic training in Thai Massage with Suwan Laimanee.


September 2009: Romi workshop with Margarete and Christoph Bundschu in Gräfelfing (near Munich).



My joy of movement and vitality, being connected with others and myself and following the flow of dance are expressed primalary in the forms of the Contact Improvisation and Tango. and


Yoga and Bodywork

To be at home in the body and to give freedom in movement and



"Heart Songs" and mantras open the heart and bring it in motion. and


The Work of Consciousness, Spirituality, Light and Energy

The important companions on my path of the consiousness and spiritual work have been:

The international Sufi Order (, Thomas Hübl (, Alona Harpaz and James Swank (


January 2010: Commencement of "Priest Healer Training" with Salara Rinklieb (

2009 - 2010: Individual training with Adia Amaya Mirgilani, coach for personal development and conciousness. Letting go of the effect of meat and alcohol consumption with resoluteness.


I am curios to know how these various forms of training will change my perception, my consciousness and my massaging. The light forces will assist me in any case!


"We can search on the outside for a long time; in books, inthe media and in "Gurus", but actually the essence is in me, in you, in all of us, because we are all inspired with the divinespirit of love and truthfulness that pervades us through and through. Ans it is valid to be set free again, to discover again and to remind us of who we are.

With love Adia Amaya"