I offer various Lomi Lomi massage styles.


Massage using the classic covering system

In this massage the body remains coverded to a large extent. Only the parts of the body that are being massaged will be exposed in succession. The breasts/ chest area and genitalia stay covered and are not massaged. A "single use" g-string can be provided if you require more coverage.


This style is especially good for those who want to feel safe and secure throughout the massage, those who want to proceed slowly into a place of trust and for those who are not fond of ample amounts of oil.


The Temple style massage

This massage requires the use of an ample amount of oil used on the heated massage table. The body is a lot less covered and the upper body is uncovered at times. The genitalia remain covered. This style allows the possibility of massaging by gliding my hands under the body. Your bodyweight provides the pressure needed and you can experience the feeling of beeing carried by my hands.


It is an especially enjoyable experience when the topside and the underside of the body are massaged simultaneously. In addition, this style allows for long strokes along the whole body, in a manner of speaking "from head to toe". This can lead to a holistic body sensation. The breast/ chest area and genitalia are not massaged. However, if desired the breasts/ chest area can be applied with oil.


Essentially we will find you a form of the massage where you can feel most secure and comfortable.