Lomi Lomi Massage

"If your hands are soft and loving, then the receiver can sense the cleanliness of your heart."

Aunty Margaret Machado

The "Lomi Lomi" massage is an Hawaiian massage that I give on a heated massage table using top quality fragrant organic oils. You can dive deep into the "joy of beeing", experience your body and get of the mind ruled world with the aid of Hawaiian music that carries the carefree ALOHA spirit of the south sea.


The body is invited to let go of tension and discomfort via the flowing, thythmic, generously widespread strokes and wave-like movements of the forearm and also incorporating kneading and soft strokes. The whole body is massaged loosened and stretched. The massage is given using various degrees of strength, sometimes softer, sometimes stronger in order to release deep-seated tension. Sooner or later the "head" stops its usual controlling. Feelings of love and the "joy of beeing", full relaxation, living wellness, peace, security and deep joy can now be experienced. A place for new ideas and inspirations can open up. You can return to your day being centered having new energy, easiness and momentum.


As the Lomi Lomi massage is an holisitic massage it harmonises physical and psychological processes; it awakens the senses, boosts the metabolism, releases tension, vitalizes the body´s energy and stimulates the power of self-healing. This is an offer of wellness that can have deeper physical ans psychology impact.



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