"It is the heart that gives, the hands that communicate."

African saying

"Let your inner self be touched" is my maxim and my intent, which I follow. As my massages are on a personal and intimate level, I will relate to you in a non-formal and relaxed manner. After all I will be touching "your skinn". For this to occur, there needs to be trust between the both of us; a way that the touch can happen.


I see our bodies as a miracle of life, a precious gift, as "the temple of the soul". I will touch you with my being lovingly, sensually and attentively, from the heart and with joy. What concerns me is focussing on the moment at hand and being in the flow.


It is my desire that an ambience full of trust can open up, where "it" massages and the deep state of relaxation, surrender and letting go can take place. In this space every feeling is allowed and welcomed, without judgement. You will have a wonderful experience in which you will feel yourself. You will be touched with love an "you will be touched on the inside".


This is a journey to yourself, in your BODY where the sense of time disappears; to be at home in yourself in the MOMENT.



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