Contact Coaching

I gladly impart my experience and love of massaging to others. The world would be much more beautiful and joyful if we were to touch and habe more body contact with each other. Our "Body Spirit System" needs this nousishment. Affectionate contact is "Body Food" for us!

If you are uncertain regarding the art of massage, would like to gain confidence, extend your knowledge and proficiency, receive inspirations for "your touch", learn the art of intimate massage, if you are drawn to the massage table and have questions etc., then I will gladly accompany you in these processes.



As an individual I can show your body what feels good. You can experience the basics of massage for your self and try them out on me. I would like für you to sense that massaging is not as concerned with technique as it is with the quality of the contact. Wether you are present, relaxed, and joyful and your touch is with love is essential. If you massage me, I can give you feedback regarding your touch. I would like to encourage you to trust your touch, to have fun and your follow your intuition.


For couples:

As a couple you have the opportunity to learn by copying my massage onto your partner. And if you decide to receive a fourhanded massage from your partner and me, you can experience the differnede in contact and discover how you most like to be touched. "Our massage" depends on creating an atmosphere together in which we feel good, where we can joyfully try things out whilst being in attentive contact with one another.



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