I am back from my retreat: "Temple of Desire" - full of joy and bliss. I transformed something inside me. The POWER of an authentic caring community is so strong, magic and healing. Thank you Life for this happening.


I love it, it can be continued:  I wish you a HAPPY MAGIC 2020!  If you want to enJOY yourself deeper, you are very welcome to my massages.


I am "on fire" with the "WHEEL OF CONSENT" from Betty Martin,because it takes you to selfresponsiblity and empowerment in making own choices in every moment. You can get more informations about it directly from her Webside: ). It`s a basic scheme for touch which everybody should know who is deeper interested in touch.
There was an article about an Workshop with the Wheel of Consent in the German Newspaper Taz (29.5.2019), here in translation:!5598114%2F&fbclid=IwAR32ocuO1GmccTVZK1CLYIQnTDHNvBMyAvccbFBw-6wlmtk2oUQFbUzU-CA


With love and appreciation




"There were thousand and thousands of forms of joy in the world, but that all were essentially one and the same, namely, the joy of being being able to LOVE."

(Michael Ende: The Neverending Story)


The massage studio is close to the station  "U-/ S- Bahn Schönhauser Allee" in Prenzlauer Berg/ Berlin.


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